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Is mathematics hard to learn?

 No, mathematics is not hard to learn. But it is not something learned by memorising or only by single way. In mathematics you can solve a single problem in many ways. mathematics need practice and improved gradually over time. some students try to learn faster by memorising. This is the reason they feel maths hard. mathematics is like language. just learning all words in dictionary and learning all grammer won’t make you fluent in english. you need to speak and gradually you will learn yourself. just like that mathematics need practice. just learning and memorising formulas and practice the problems in textbook won’t help.

Why students feel mathematics difficult?

there are many reasons for this. mostly the following

There is no such thing as a “math person”. you need to practice and you get it.

Math is cumulative. so you need to learn basics first. like if you don’t understand addition then you cannot understand multiplication. in maths each concept is base for next high level concepts. so if you don,t understand a lesson in your academic year then in next acedemic year you can’t learn more concepts. because they depend on your previous academic year.

Many people find math difficult because they try to memorize their way through the material.

Because math involves using plenty of multi-step processes to solve problems, being able to master it takes a lot more practice and patience. some students get bored because of doing same process so many times.

some students have fear of maths. they develop fear because of exams or the previous performance.



What is the easy way to learn mathematics?

you need to understand the concepts from basic level. pricing mathematics is the easy way to learn mathemtics.

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We’re going to learn mathematics

From Basic to Advanced Mathematics

For All Competitive Exams

Number System

Natural Numbers       Integers

Whole Numbers        Rational Numbers

Irrational Numbers      Real Numbers


  Numerals    Avariables      Algebraic expressions

Polynomials  Degree Linear  Quadratic   Cubic


   Mean             Median          Mode   

  Range           Frequency       Tally Marks

Bar Graph     Double Bar Graph           Pie Chart



Lines and Angles     Types of Triangles

Quadrilaterals           Polygons    Mensuration


Profit and Loss       Time and Distance

Ratios and Proportions     Simple Interest

Compound Interest         Time and Work